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i told my friend what i had in mind for my birthday and she was like “wow that sounds really stupid and shitty” so i think 25 will be the year i finally master the art of being alone~

I’m having a semi-productive day. I got a guava popsicle and I found The Joy Luck Club & the silly 1970s animated version of Charlotte’s Web at the thrift store for $0.75!

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My book is now available for sale at If you live in the Bay Area you can also find it at Pegasus Books in Oakland and downtown Berkeley. <3

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i am tired of people crying “abuser! abuser!!” when people with conditions like BPD act out their symptoms like honestly they need love and support not accusations of being a fucking monster

a lot of people with BPD are relating rly hard to this and that makes me sad bc ppl shouldn’t be accused of being inherently abusive just bc they have a mental illness

#reminder that abuse is /in spite/ of BPD not bc of it

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