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Story of my life: “oh boo fucking hoo I’m sleepy and sad and a lil hungry and i have to pee but i hate leaving my room oops I’m late for work”

Why don’t i have hobbies anymore? Why can’t i make new friends? Why doesn’t anyone find me attractive? Why do my parents keep telling me to find a real job? Why am i such a shitty adult? Why did i go to college? Why do i drink so much? Why am i such a waste of space

I’m having one of those nights where i wake up at 4am and I can’t stop thinking about what a hideous person I am inside & out and how I have no talents or redeeming qualities and how everything about my body is all wrong and about how I’m going to be 25 next month and I’m stuck at a dead-end job and haven’t had a real relationship in years and I keep sobbing because I’m pathetic and my pillow’s all damp and I just have to accept the fact that I’ll live a lonely and terrible existence until I finally give up and kill myself

I don’t know


10 questions to never ask a transgender person by Laura Jane Grace

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I went to Monterey to visit my friend even though his boyfriend forbade him from hanging out with me (because he knew he’d skip school and drink too much because I’m a terrible influence) and we were silly and found some religious zealot’s journal from 2001 near the train tracks and we went to the beach and eventually decided to go to Santa Cruz the next day so for “hiking” and billiards and tacos with our other friend who’s boyfriend hates me too I am just the fucking worst

i got really sick at work today because I was dehydrated and hungover and puke-y and spend the entire afternoon retching and sleeping

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Slurricane: Sphinx Lifestyle by Will Laren

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